European spruce bark beetle.

"The European spruce bark, or engraver beetle is considered to be one of the most destructive pests of spruce on the continent of Europe. Extensive injury to forests resulting from wars, fires and storms, has at numerous times made possible the buildup of high populations of the pest which caused excessive secondary damage. In addition to damaged trees, this species also attacks healthy trees. The ability to breed in very fresh bark, coupled with the habit of continuing to feed in the bark on completion of development, makes the insect a serious pest of spruce forests. This bark beetle is capable of carrying at least 5 fungi harmful to trees, including the primary invader, Ophiostoma polonicum, a blue-stain fungus."
Christopher M.F. Pierce, Ph.D. - Purdue University

Here is a good article Spruce Bark Beetle click on it to read.


The Black Forest in Germany is made up
mostly of Norway Spruce. 
 We saw no sign of the bark beetle in the black Forest.


The European Alps are covered with Norway Spruce. No bark beetle was found here.


So I went to the Bavarian Forest National Park on the border of Germany and Czechoslovakia, to learn about the European spruce bark beetle.


Signs that a tree is infested with bark beetle


Bark remove-more signs that a tree is infested


Dead Norway Spruce from bark beetle


Dead Norway Spruce


Norway Spruce seedlings blanket the ground where the beetle has swept through.

If anyone ever sees anything like this in North America please contact us immediately so we can investigate if it could be the European spruce bark beetle. There is no record of it being in North America, so lets try to keep this pest out of America.


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